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v1.0.3.13 (Dec 7, 2018)

      [UI Fix] download spinner was not displayed #4
      Resize Subversion column and rpcwindow
      Increase default stakethreshold value up to 250
      Update secp256k1
piratecash-qt.exeMD5: bcd9bcd2a318d0ab11c8a5f757726541
PirateCash-Qt.dmgMD5: d87676993384e7b9a9b0e0dac2fb9b93
piratecash.tar.gzMD5: bfb9e47e9415f444594e4953ac57f426
Source code

v1.0.3.10 (Nov 28, 2018)

      Running two same wallet.dat on different PC #3
      Windows 7 - Assertion failed #5
      upgraded leveldb
      Stakethreshold option (new option for controlling stake generation)
piratecash-qt.exeMD5: a49535c9323efdca6837e1dc1bcfec2c
PirateCash-Qt.dmgMD5: 2208719c78de185ecaab60519c5ab6d9
piratecash.tar.bz2MD5: 80022f2e5dd9943aacdc068dfcc44865

v1.0.2.4 (Nov 14, 2018)

[bug] Fixed issue with wallet management when it activated for staking
piratecash-qt.exeMD5: 4dd65122a41d52a755b6d825cf1a2674
PirateCash-Qt.dmgMD5: f56e61f86c64d692139d8752ee3e7c5a
piratecash.tar.gzMD5: 742da0b09edd9fa6d8e7bafdd8676ea5


piratecash-qt.exeMD5: 1966fd41907e8e31afde272b363dd94f
PirateCash-Qt.dmgMD5: 758a6964c9e2cc6f4c34b8dc8406557b
piratecash.tar.gzMD5: e68f7f0b7cb5ca3f92f2743963713d5a