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Servicio en desuso

31 de julio de 2022, sus piratas se han movido a cuentas Pirate DEX @piratecash_bot es la mejor alternativa:

  • los piratas se extraen en el grupo, lo que significa que obtienes pagos después de que las monedas hayan madurado
  • eliminar piratas del grupo no requiere Bitshares
  • puedes poner piratas a la venta y te traerán ingresos de la minería
  • disponibilidad de un programa de referencia


About Cloud Staking

With the help of Cloud Staking, you can mine Pirate without any equipment, while paying for this service at the rate of 0.5% of the withdrawal amount.

The advantages of this service:

  • No bills for electricity and the Internet;
  • There is no need to make redundancy of Internet channels and install an uninterrupted power supply;
  • Updating the client version (the Pirate Foundation makes monitoring access to the equipment network).

In order to start mining Pirate you need to exchange BTC or DOGE on the exchanger and send them to the Cloud Staking service (the necessary amount can be calculated on the profitability calculator).

Interaction with the Cloud Staking service is done through our service DEX.

Registering a DEX account

The first thing to do is to - register an account

To do this, you need to come up with a username and save securely the password that was generated.

Depositing Cloud Staking


In the menu, select the Deposit section.

Staking address

Then you need to choose CLOUD-STAKING and copy your address for replenishment (for your pirate-demo account, the replenishment address is: P9rurGgjekW6xUwie4FkvG3H65fXdSMGsY. But, at the same time, your address will be different. Be careful when replenishing!).

To ensure that this is really your address, we suggest checking it with the following form:

Check cloud-staking address

Please enter your cloud-staking address:

How to check Cloud Staking account status?

You can check the account status in the block browser and enter your cloud-staking address in the search field.

In 8 hours you sent the PIRATE, your coins will start working, i.e. participate in PoS. In case of successful creation of the block, you will see a record of +20.00 in the explorer. Every 4 years, the reward will be halved, which will create no more than 105 million PIRATE in circulation.

You can use a PoS Calculator, which will calculate the approximate time when the reward will be and what your income will be.

How to withdraw funds from Cloud Staking?

You can check your current balance in the block browser and to withdraw funds, you need to create a request via the DEX interface of the platform.

Requirements for output:

  • Presence on your account at least 1 BTS (BitShare);
  • Availability of Cloud Staking on account at least 1.005 PIRATE.

Creating a request is made by going to the menu Send. In the field to, specify pirate-cash (please pay attention for BASIC MEMBER #1610759), then select BTS and the amount of 0.5 BTS (bitshare), and in the memo field, specify a number from 1 to 100 or from 101 to 105 000 000.

A value of up to 100 is a percentage of the available amount, and if more, then the equivalent of the amount.

After your application has been created, the following amount will be paid to your DEX address from Cloud Staking:

For example: your account displays the amount of 100,000 PIRATE, but 20,000 PIRATE are in the proportion, i.e. there are no 120 confirmations after the creation of new coins, and you indicated 3 in the memo field.

Value "3" - request equivalent 3% of the available amount 100 0000 - 20 000 = 80 000 * 3% = 2400 PIRATE

After the application is automatically processed in the block browser, you will see the transaction - 2400 PIRATE:

  • 2388 PIRATE - will be issued to your DEX account;
  • 12 PIRATE - fees for using the Cloud Staking service;
  • the change will be sent back to your cloud staking address.

Given that some inputs may not be mature (less than 120 confirmations), then you may need to create several requests for output with the 100% parameter to output 100% from cloud staking.

Offer and acceptance

The Pirate Foundation team ensures constant monitoring of service availability, software updates and safe storage of PirateCash. If funds were lost through the fault of the Pirate Foundation, we pledge to return them in full from our foundation.

By sending PirateCash to cloud staking, the user agrees to the terms of this document:

  • Withdrawals are made only through the application to your DEX account;
  • The fees for using the service is 0.5% of the withdrawal amount;
  • Before sending funds, the user undertakes to verify the address of the cloud staking through the form and securely save the message and the digital fingerprint

Having a digital fingerprint ensures that the address that was issued really belongs to the Cloud Staking service.

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