The PirateCash was launched at 3 Nov 2018 without any pre-mine and coins was distributed between community.

Stand with us and support!

Indeed, we have been working hard ever since we launched PIRATECASH. Still, we sincerely believe in our idea and keep up with the world, gaining experience and skills on the way to a better future. We are quite optimistic about our project and we are ready to work our heads off! However, we could never be where we are now without you, and our team needs you like never before.

Pirate is asking for your support

We’ve been working on this project for one year, and our experience has shown that decentralized messenger is a real thing.

We’re also planning to establish the PIRATECASH Foundation which will raise funds and organize and sponsor the development of PIRATECASH Messenger. PIRATECASH Foundation is an alternative way to continue the development. If we’ll not receive donations, external developers will do the work. PIRATECASH Foundation will create tasks and pay rewards to freelancers for their accomplishments.

Make donations
PirateCash: PPw71sdvf1ZszjwvmPS8jjcEMYEHFGnQDZ
Bitcoin: 3G5fwc9PP9Lcb1y3RAYGzoQZs5enJkmdxN
Bitcoin Cash: qr4f0pkvx86vv6cuae48nj83txqhwyt2fgadd9smxg
Dash: XcpUrR8LkohMNB9TfJaC97id6boUhRU3wk
Doge: D5PpSeZAGghckLtep1vMwxoAZaGYmx5cv6
Litecoin: MNbHsci3A8u6UiqjBMMckXzfPrLjeMxdRC
ZEC: t1MKoU27aZ6yQW7uBiCFqihATVhgfGiEYyz
ETH: 0x696Ed8f9E2b3265Abc24a6A035d6c5094f61e61B

You can check donate addresses in PirateCash, it's signed by PVCGexwCusnPuB4kieg3X2JP1PGsS1UrWY (this address first block)