Please update your node to version / To avoid getting into the fork, please upgrade your version!

Masternode setup


  1. MasterNode statistic
  2. Download PirateCash core from GitHub, Prepare wallet
  3. Exchange to PirateCash, transfer to your wallet, then pay yourself EXACTLY 10 000 PIRATE
  4. Create a Linux Droplet
  5. Connect to Droplet via PuTTY for Windows/Terminal for Mac
  6. Edit masternode configuration file's

Download PirateCash core from GitHub, Prepare wallet

  • Unzip PirateCash Core file to the location of your choice. You will run the wallet from this location.
  • Encrypt your wallet: Settings -> Encrypt Wallet. Choose a password. Write it down. Restart your wallet.
  • Backup Wallet: File -> Backup Wallet

Exchange anycoin to 10 000 PIRATE

Exchange a minimum of 10 001 PIRATE.

You need an address with EXACTLY 10 000 for a Masternode.

NOTE: You’re exchanging more because:

  1. Exchanges charge you for withdrawals
  2. When you send 10 000 PIRATE to yourself there is a small transaction fee.
  • Create a receiving address: Receive -> New address Send PIRATE from exchange to your wallet.
  • Create an additional address for your PirateCash: Receive -> New address, label this address mn1
  • Copy this address, Click Send tab, paste address on the “Pay To:” line.
  • Type 10000 in the Amount: field. Click Send

Create a Linux droplet on DigitalOcean

  • Register for an account, create new “droplet” – Digital Ocean’s term
  • Select Ubuntu 18.04 x64
  • Select 1 GB/1vCPU – sufficient and only $5/month
  • Select any datacenter region you like. Create!
  • Write down your droplet IP address
  • Check your email for initial VPS root password

Access to your droplet

Access VPS via PuTTY – this will allow you to copy and paste commands to your VPS. The web console will not. Mac users can use Terminal. Launchpad > Search > Terminal > Type: ssh root@IP

  • Download and install PuTTY
  • Default settings are fine. Type IP address in Host box, Type a name your session, click Save for easy future access. Click Open to connect.
  • Login as root. Find DigitalOcean email with default password. Copy and paste your password. You can paste in PuTTY with a right mouse click. NOTE: when pasted, your password will be INVISIBLE. Just hit enter.
  • Upon first login you will be prompted to choose a new password. Write it down.

Masternode configuration file setup

  • Enter RPC console Help-> Debug window –> Console
  • Type: masternode genkey
  • Goto to Droplet and please download archive
  • wget
    tar -xvzf piratecash.tar.gz
  • Create directory mkdir ~/.piratecash
  • Create file ~/.piratecash/piratecash.conf with following content:
  • rpcuser=blabla
  • Start daemon: ./piratecashd
  • Goto back to your Core application and Type: masternode outputs
  • If you properly sent 10000 PIRATE to yourself you will see a long string of numbers, this is your transaction ID, followed by the index number. Copy and paste this to a temporary text file.
  • Click Masternodes -> My Master Nodes
  • Click Create
  • Please fill following fields:
    Alias: mn1,
    PrivKey: 7pN9nLedYATmaGjfSXdsH7JCa6o3aNvpCT86JoSurmNgpZ38iQc (from masternode genkey),
    TxHash: b84e5372539862e6a57e972990783d8be2dadd694677d6b06b8f8c136b83cd9d (from masternode outputs),
    Output index: 0(from masternode outputs)
  • Click Create
  • Click Update
  • Goto Settings->unlock wallet->"remove for staking only", put your password and press "Ok"
  • Select your masternode and click "Start"
  • Lock input:
    Please add line into piratecash.conf:

Congratulations, you’re about to start making some coin. Welcome to PirateCash.