Catch free PIRATE

MasterNode as a gift (2018-12-08)

In this event we were told how to set up your masternode.

New the pirate treasure address is P9GHVSWf6xCT8Mp4nDP24CwcGN8KCa1Wda.

It will be necessary to fill in the form during the live broadcast (the link will be available at the time of the event).

MasterNode as a gift

For the first place will be sent 10 000 PIRATE.

All other participants will receive all remaining coins from P9GHVSWf6xCT8Mp4nDP24CwcGN8KCa1Wda divided by total number of participants.

AIR DROP (2018-12-01)

You have an opportunity to get some free coins by downloading PirateCash wallet and filling out the simple google form.

All you need to do:

  1. Download the PirateCash wallet
  2. Provide your PIRATE address by filling the form

Coins will be distributed on December 1, 2018. Reward amount will be calculated by dividing the number of coins at the pirate treasure address PApM8upKg8xcHGFi4mZVNPp5eB8kx3vgmN by the number of participants.

12.27642237 PIRATE (txid) + 1.69612393 PIRATE (txid)

1384 PIRATE to PB8zwd3SqbKwVGCJzJH6sH1EUcDxhHeD3x (txid)

1384 PIRATE to P9iAcz1G5SHSudXB8YkPV9LmWQqvnFBzMd (txid)

List of winners (2018-11-03)

1150 PIRATE - txidPBFecdtJ9vbRZvc41L2YrqZwjAwLoC2K4G
2150 PIRATE - txidPFpM6R6xLZKorMBYVVP9c3QMtQh3iWbygT
3150 PIRATE - txidPFNUbLV6qdtAMe7XgguUzUnN8nGKvu6AzG
4150 PIRATE - txidPLr2rTHGveoHMS3bFnUvdAUmvAgKgKHact
5150 PIRATE[email] I'm waiting replay from him...
6150 PIRATE - txidPDtFCUpQ557jY1yX6NWFgBcjho26xJsAyj
7150 PIRATE - txidPHuGu22Fu1YHu92p21vJoitNXYWozkRLTX
8150 PIRATE - txidPVzTJab3GkyhXRK7fP1tbT62rjrMer3iDb
9150 PIRATE - txidPCeDMTA5dfhF951cxuemSK6YV6JxDWg8qQ
10150 PIRATE - txid8 -> PBzCkTdgrpf5WZxTPWo3znHEUvkRvwZcyx
12150 PIRATE - txidPHwdWgBkrUQQKXqmq47CRU8A1KAvyZnQhh
13150 PIRATE - txidPKr1Sao3QDXpCM1baYDVxuhGmG18Xeon3V
14150 PIRATE - txidPDBK3EJu2wi1CM5KfRRVsrUBMBigJdrWQn
15150 PIRATE - txidPQ5dG28iosUqFd6eK9Ck5u4CDerm1nnkf6
16150 PIRATE - txidPP3Bu3b3rVagAcVABQLrRBDxEFswZ4Teob
17150 PIRATE - txidPBHj5R3LdSjLxE6vA4pfYjjxSu2DqDmNES
Link to the winner. I promised to give 150 PIRATE to each participant, and therefore I was sent the first who was selected (#14) in the The rest will be received as I'll mined it (I think it will be in couple of days).