Download PirateCash core from GitHub, Prepare wallet
Exchange anycoin to 10 000 PIRATE

Exchange a minimum of 10 001 PIRATE.

You need an address with EXACTLY 10 000 for a Masternode.

NOTE: You’re exchanging more because:

Create a Linux droplet on DigitalOcean
Access to your droplet

Access VPS via PuTTY – this will allow you to copy and paste commands to your VPS. The web console will not. Mac users can use Terminal. Launchpad > Search > Terminal > Type: ssh root@IP

Masternode configuration file setup

Congratulations, you’re about to start making some coin. Welcome to PirateCash.

Setting up a Tor hidden service

If you use a PirateCash full node over Tor, then usually it will only be able to make outgoing connections. Therefore, you will only get a maximum of 8 total connections. This is fine, and is not something you usually need to worry about, but if your computer is often online and you want to be a big help to the network, you can run a Tor hidden service in order to accept incoming connections over Tor.

Note that there is no need to forward port 18888 when using a Tor hidden service. The hidden service will cause most firewalls and NAT setups to be bypassed. For this reason, running a Tor hidden service is also a good idea if you want incoming connections but are for some reason unable to forward port 18888.


These instructions are for Linux. It is possible to do on Windows, but the instructions would be rather different. (If you've done it on Windows, consider adding the instructions to this page.)

You need Tor (at least version Figure out where your torrc file is (/etc/tor/torrc is one possibility). This guide assumes default Tor settings. This guide assumes that Tor is running under the user and group tor, which will usually be the case if you install Tor using your distro's package manager. Note that PirateCash does not support hidden service version 3 (ie. long onion addresses).

Add these lines to your torrc:

                        HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/piratecash-service/
                        HiddenServicePort 18888

Restart Tor. As root, run cat /var/lib/tor/piratecash-service/hostname. Your onion address will be reported. If it didn't work, then probably your distro's version of Tor doesn't actually use /var/lib/tor for this purpose. You should try to figure out the correct HiddenServiceDir location.

In the following steps, replace ONION_ADDR with the onion address reported above.

Add these lines to your piratecash.conf


If you additionally want PirateCash to only connect out to Tor hidden services, also add this line (not particularly recommended):


Now restart PirateCash. You should eventually get incoming connections via your hidden service.


After upgrade masternode to new version you must reactivate your node but you can see following error:

 masternode start-alias MN1

        alias" : "MN1",
        result" : "failed",
        errorMessage" : "could not allocate vin"
How to fix it: